Sunday, January 20, 2013

More New Releases

On Friday I happened to mention what books I planned on having come out  this year through Excessica.  Well, now I want to talk a little bit more on books that might be coming out from my other publishers.   

Lets start off with  No Boundaries Press: I have two that will be coming out in 2012

HER WOLFEN CLAIMING - (BOOK 2 in Wolfen Destinies)
Release Date: February
Publisher:  No Boundaries Press

Matthais Galloway has just taken over the MacDonald clan by order of the High Council. He's the eighth alpha in the past 100 years to take charge since the death of the Great MacDonald. The council is tired of the constant power struggle within the MacDonald clan, and have tasked Matthais to to bring peace to the clan or face death. To rule though he has to have a mate. After getting permission to claim his best friend, Andrew Gilchrist, he's just finished the process of claiming his lover as his beta when both men realize there is a third mate in their bond - and without him, their bond will never be complete. Following the bond, they cross the sea expecting to find another man. But what they got was Colleen Donghall, the long lost daughter of the prophesy. Now they have to convince the skittish lass that her place as at their sides and in their bed even as the predicted war erupts around them.
HER WOLFEN REBEL - (Book 3 of the Wolfen Prophesies)
Release Date: (Summer)
Publisher: No Boundaries Press

This is the story of Colleen's younger twin brother, Carrick Donnghall. Captured during the bloodly battle at their home, Carrick, Colleen's younger twin is being held prisoner in a farm in Utah by a group of freaks who think he can turn them into werewolves.It's all he can do to stay alive and he will do anything to escape, including seducing the leader's bookish daughter, Kyrah.
Kyrah Stranton, who has been feeding Intel to the FBI about her father's activities for the past six months - since she found the strange man chained to the wall in her father's basement. She has no idea that the handsome rebel she's so attracted to is anything but human, not believing her father's tales that he's captured a true werewolf. After all as doctor, she doesn't believe anything she can't prove - and there's not such thing as werewolves, right? 

From Written Expressions: 

RELEASE: Spring/Summer
PUBLISHER: Written Expressions
Shu Rodriguez was a throw back and she knew it. It was the main reason why shed left her fathers pride. As a white Bengal in the midst of a Jaguar pack, she was considered both an outsider and a half breed. It wasnt like she could help the fact her father had a one night stand which had resulted in her birth. He had known little about the tiny Chinese woman hed picked up in a bar. One night of passionate sex and it was done. Nine months later, the woman who bore her had dropped her on her surprised fathers lap and had walked away without a backward glance.

Upon her first shifting, shed found instead of being courted by the other jaguars, she was shunned. With her mixed blood showing and standing in the middle of the mating circle unclaimed, she came to the realization, no matter what she wanted, she was never going to be accepted as any jaguars mate. Instead she took advantage of her fathers generosity and gone to college to become an exotic animal doctor. With her degree under her belt shed left the pride, traveling the world and taking care of the exotic animals. When she was called upon to travel to the Beijing Zoo to treat a male Xiaman tiger whod been injured in a hunters snare, she was not prepared for the dark and sensual man who came as part of the package or his desire to claim her.
And last but not least, this book is one which I have under submission with Decadent for their Foodie Line. *crossing fingers*  
PUBLISHER:  under submission
Growing up in a foster home in a small Midwest town, Sean Whitcomb planned from the day he turned sixteen to somehow escape. And he does to the big city of Des Moines at a lawyer’s firm. Now up for a shot at a partnership, Sean needs to deliver the goods, and it's not what he thinks. No, it's family style meal for the founding partners and their spouses. Which causes Sean a major issue, because not only is he single gay man, but he can’t cook to save his life and his boss is expecting a home cooked meal – complete with a family or there will be no partnership offer.

In desperation, Sean turns to the man he left behind in his pursuit of the golden ring, Isaiah Waterston. Not only is Isaiah hot enough to still turn Sean’s crank but he’s also a world class chef at one of the hottest eateries in town. Now all he has to do is convince the man he’d left behind to give him a single night of his time, prepare a mouth-watering meal and pretend to be his lover for a few hours. Sounds easy right? Well it is until Isaiah attaches his own stipulations – he wants an entire weekend with Sean at his mercy. 

©Dakota Trace All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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