Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hace Frio!

So Old Man winter has come a pounding on our doors once more.  And let me tell you he's really ticked off.  Well at least in my neck of the woods.  Single digit temps with sub-zero wind chills aren't exactly my idea of fun. As a rule of thumb I'm not a big winter person. I love fall. However that being said? There are things I do like about winter. And I compiled a list. 
  1. Cuddling.  Yep when it's cold outside nothing is better than snuggling close to a loved one with a cup of hot tea or hot cider if that's your thing.  
  2. Watching Snowflakes -I don't know what it is about this activitiy but I could do it for hours. There's something peaceful about it.
  3. Warm Fuzzy Socks -  I love the texture of them. Not only do they keep my tootsies warm but they feel great against my skin
  4. My kids' rosy cheeks - ah the innocence of youth. It's wonderful watch them come in from outside, whether it's from making a fort, snowboarding or even a snowball fight they look like little angels with their flushed cheeks and snow covered clothing. (Then mine prove they aren't angels by grabbing Mom and saying...you're sooooo warm.)
  5. Making Chili - nothing is better then the smell of chili wafting from the kitchen. It is the best  cold weather food in the world. I love it.  Add to it piping hot cornbread from the oven and I'm in heaven. 
So what's your favorite part about winter? Come on if I can find five things I love, surely you can find one? 

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  1. Oh we LOVE winter on our mountain! Too bad the last couple have been milder than ever. Colorado needs our snowy winters back! LOL Let's see.....5 things:

    1. Woodstove fire....love the smell! We save on propane $ too!
    2. Hot Chai and my Kindle Fire!
    3. Gorgeous white-covered pines outside every window!
    4. Watching winter birds flock to the feeders!
    5. Snuggling up with hubby and just knowing we're all safe and warm!