Monday, January 14, 2013

Flash Fiction?

So some of you peeps have probably noticed that I've joined the Flash 52 Challenge that several other authors I know are taking part in.  It's a pretty simple idea. Post a new flash piece every Wednesday on your blog.  Lots of fun and a challenge for the verbose authors like me.  Two hundered words? Not a prayer in Hell. This girl isn't able to do that but 1K is still challenging enough.  But that's me as an author.  I need more than wham bam thank you ma'am.

What do readers think of these pieces?  Do they love em, hate em, or does it depend on their mood?  Personally it depends upon my mood.  If I'm sitting in the car waiting for my kidlets to get out of school, flash is perfect. I can read several of them, but don't get pissed when I have to put them down because my middle daughter has finally decided to make her appearance. (She's my lolly gagger.)  But if I'm looking for something that has a bit more depth in it. Well then that's another matter all together. I want a longer book, I can get lost in.  The only way that this my even change is if I could find a flash anthology that uses the same characters over and over -  a Charlie and Roxane's Adventures...type of thing.  That might be worth the pick up.  But you tell me...flash fiction? Is it your cup of tea or not?

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