Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flash 52 {5}: A Master's Gift

Walking across the cobblestone bridge, Danielle savored the feel of the rounded stones against the heels of her feet. In front of her, her Master was conversing with his fellow Dom friends, Master Seth and Master Ian. As they strolled leisurely, she tuned out their words. It wasn’t her place to worry about what Masters Ian and Seth said to one another. She was to follow her Master and obey his every command. Her pussy grew damp as she remembered serving him this morning.

They’d woken tangled together as usual, and when he’d lifted one dark brow and glanced down pointedly at the tempting bulge lifting the sheet, she been under the covers and had his hard cock in her mouth without hesitation. As he groaned and praised her technique, she’d worshipped his cock until he’d exploded down her throat. Her pussy still tingled at the memory of it. Of how when she’d finished cleaning him with her tongue, he’d hauled her out from under the covers and fastened his mouth over hers, whispering how much he loved the taste of himself on her lips. And promising that if I was good today, he would reward me. 

Which was how she’d ended up walking naked behind her Master and his friends on his private estate. The scent of lilacs teased her nose. It was one of her favorite places, and perhaps this was the reward he’d spoken of. She didn’t get out her often enough as her days were busy with serving her Master. Not that he was ever intentionally mean. Just that he was a busy man with his many business affairs, and she lived to serve him. 

“Present, pet.” At her Master’s voice, she stopped and without looking around assumed the position: her shoulders back, her feet shoulder width apart, her hands clasped behind her back, with her head raised but her gaze down. It was one of the things her Master had praised her for. 

“Damn she’s good.” Master Ian came to stand next to her, while another, more than likely Master Sean, flanked her other side. 

“Yes, she is.” The love in her Master’s voice was undisguised. “And she’s always giving to me - taking care of my every need without complaint.” 

She wanted to tell him that it was her job, but refrained. She did not speak unless he allowed it. One of the many rules she’d agreed to, when she’d accepted his collar nearly ten years ago. His fingers brushed her cheek. 

“Which is why I’m giving her to you for the afternoon. I want you to show my pretty little submissive how much we all appreciate her. Without her keeping me at an even keel during the Keelson merger, we wouldn’t be celebrating today, gentlemen.” 

* * * * 

“Master?” she cried out as pleasure coursed through her, but fought her own body. She couldn’t come without permission – she just couldn’t. Pinned to the ground on a soft blanket by Masters Sean and Ian, while her own Master leaned against a nearby tree and slowly stroked his cock, she was slowly going out of her mind knowing he was enjoying watching her squirm under the delightful attentions of the other men’s mouths. As Master Sean tugged on one of her nipples with his teeth, Master Ian had his face buried between her legs, his tongue lashing at her clit, even as he held her open with his palms on her thighs. 

“That’s it, relax into, pet. Let them make you come.” His voice grew raspier as he pushed off the tree. “Today you can come as frequently and freely as you want.” Stepping closer, he stood over her, his body casting shadows over the three of them. “In fact, I’m going to insist upon it.” 

She whimpered, her eyes locking onto his as her body exploded as he demanded. It was always like this, she thought through the red haze of pleasure. He commanded and she obeyed. She was just drifting down from her climax, when Master Ian positioned himself at her entrance and shoved in with a harsh groan. Her orgasm renewed itself as he stretched and rubbed over sensitive nerve endings. “Ahhhh.” She tried to wrap her legs around him, but the same hands, which had held her open earlier, refused to let her close her legs now. 

“No. Want you open.” Master Ian gasped as he drove in and out. “Make you feel every inch of me.” 

She whimpered. Tensing under the onslaught, she struggled against his hold, pushing up against his hands. Then she was distracted by the feel of something broad, silky soft, but hard and damp as it brushed against her lips. 

“Open,” Master Sean rasped, pressing his dick against her lips. Eagerly she obeyed, loving the taste of him as she lapped at beaded moisture dripping from his slit. “Shit, yeah. Lick me.” He cradled her head in his hands, his hips rocking as he forced a bit more into her mouth with each thrust. 

“God damn, that is so fucking hot. “ Her Master’s voice next to her ear had her peaking, her body releasing again, her eyes rolling back in her head as he knelt next to her, wrapping her hand around his cock – forcing her to stroke over him. “To watch you come between them. To know they are experiencing every pulse of your release, and savoring it as much as I do…” 

“Fuck, she’s tightening around me.” Master Ian’s voice was ragged. “I need to….ah fuck!” He jerked against her, his release spilling into the thin sheath he wore. 

Her mind whirled as everything cascaded together, her Master’s release against her palm, Master Ian’s, the warm spurt of Master Seth between her lips, and most of all her Master’s voice praising her as she dropped into sub-space. Everything was perfect.

©Dakota Trace All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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