Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flash 52 {2} - The Auction

The sun felt warm on Analise’s shoulders. Wearing nothing more than sheer white tulle with lace and a skimpy ivory bikini, her attire mimicked a bride on her wedding night, but she wasn’t. Dressed like the rest of the women in the long line, she waited for her turn. This daytime auction held by the sea had been the highlight of her budding life as a submissive. It was what she’d trained so long and hard for under the direct tutelage from several of the Doms at Bête à Bon Dieu.

She’d wanted to belong to another for as long as she could remember. Instead of being whisked away by Prince Charming, she’d dreamed of belonging to the Beast. Soft romantic dreams weren’t hers. No, when she dreamt it was of the hot kiss of leather against her flesh. To hear the bark of her Master as he ordered her to count off, to fall into subspace as she let him do with her what he would. Then when it was over, she wanted to fall at his feet and please him in any way imaginable. Even if it was as simple a task as letting him use her lap for his pillow.

In her imagination, it always started as something innocent. A hug, the brushing of her Master’s body against hers, as he reached above her head for a something she couldn’t reach. Or using my lap as his pillow, she thought as memories of watching a Dom the night before do that very thing. He’d stretched out on the couch, in the main room of the resort, to watch the sexual claiming of a submissive by her two Masters. With his head on his submissive’s lap as his fingers stroked over the creamy flesh of her inner thigh, Analise could barely hear the rumble of his voice when he spoke softly. Even though she couldn’t tell what he was saying, he could’ve been ordering lunch for all she cared. It was his tone. Dark, deep and commanding, it had touched something inside of her. Kneeling across the room, she’d watched as the blonde had struggled to stay still. It had been so erotic, so sensual to watch as the other submissive responded to his touch, his voice.

A soft moan had escaped her tight throat, drawing the attention of her training Dom. When the lounging man reached above his head to slip his hand under the woman’s halter and tugged on her nipple, she’d felt it, as if it had been hers he’d pinched. And Lord she wanted it to be. To sit in such a manner, serving her Master why he freely explored was her deepest desire. She wanted to belong – to have what the couple had. A niggle of her inner voice whispered a name.

I can’t have him, she reminded the inner voice. Master Marcus Donovan, with his whipcord strength and his dominating presence, was illusive as a stream of light. Submissives could bask in his presence for a short time but could never keep him.

The whispers of the women next to drew her thoughts away from the man. The auction had started. Each submissive in line had agreed to twenty-four hours of service. As the auctioneer did his thing, a list of personal limits would be announced, and then the Doms would bid. Then after paying, the winner would whisk away his sub for delights untold. And because the money went to a good cause, the children’s literacy program – a pet charity of the club’s owner, all was for the better.

She watched in awe as Sampson, Mistress Brigit’s submissive, played the role of auctioneer well. As an ad executive in her day job she couldn’t help but notice how he was gentle with the submissives, but also had a wicked sense of humor that appealed to the Doms. He was definitely a salesman. One after another each submissive was sold, until she was left standing alone on the makeshift stage. Butterflies in her stomach jumped, as Sampson approached her. Taking a deep breath, she tried to calm herself. Mistress Brigit said I was ready – that I’d be a gift to the right Dom.

“And we’ve saved the best for last. Analise is a new submissive who’s just completed her training here at Bête à Bon Dieu. Master Leon has nothing but good things to say about her. She’s open to most things, bondage, clamps, flogging, and even light whipping. Hard limits are electric play, cutting, asphyxiation, scat and golden showers.” Sampson stepped up next to her, taking her hand. Spinning her around, he showed off her delicate but athletic body to the audience. “So we’ll start the bidding out at a thousand dollars for this beauty.”

Standing still at Sampson’s side, she kept her head lifted but eyes down cast. She tried to shut out the sound of the bidding, but it was pointless. She heard male voices one after another and the bidding rising, until above it all was a deep authoritative voice silencing them.

“Fifteen thousand.”

Her eyes jerked up in surprise, trying to spot who had spoken. As if it was Moses parting the Red Sea, Master Donovan pushed through the crowd. Her eyes darted back down. This couldn’t be happening. Her heart pounding, she was struggling to merely breathe.

“Fifteen thousand, going once…going twice…sold to Master Donovan.” Next her, Sampson placed a hand on her back, and whispered, “He’s just a man, Analise. Remember that.” Then he handed the leash attached to her slender collar to Master Donovan.

Moving quickly, she trailed after him, careful to keep her eyes lowered and her body at two paces to his left. She wondered what he would do to her. Would he spank her, ask her to orally please him in front of everyone, or simply take her back to his dungeon to play. Her lips parted at the thought. What untold delights did he have there? Crops, whips? A swing?

“Omph.” She slammed into his back as he suddenly stopped. Stumbling, she almost fell.

“Whoa.” He turned and caught her. Callused hands wrapped around her arms, steadying her.

“Sorry, Sir.” She flushed. She should’ve been paying more attention, instead of wondering what toys he had in his playroom.

He rubbed his thumbs over her arms. “No need to apologize. I should’ve warned you I was going to stop.” Guiding her to the chaise lounge at the edge of the pool, he guided her down. “Sit here.” Then he kicked off his flip-flops, stretched his long body out along the lounge and pillowed his head on her lap, his eyes drifting shut. Her nipples peaked against the material of her bikini. It was just like her fantasy.


He opened his eyes, the intensity, the heat of his stare surprising. “You’re going to sit here, Analise, still as a statue, and watch as the couples around you play, until I’ve decided you’ve had enough.” His voice grew darker. “Then I’m going to take you to my playroom, and relieve your frustration.”

She moaned softly…how had he known?

“I know everything, little one. Master Leon started your training for me.”

Her mouth opened. “He did?”

He slowly nodded. “My specifications. I wanted you the first time I saw you. But my needs are bit different than most Doms. I want my slave’s world to revolve around me. “

She caught her breath.

“All you have to do to stop this… is say your safe word.” He waited several seconds and when she said nothing, a satisfied smile crossed his face. “Any questions before we begin?”

Licking her lips, she finally nodded. “What do I get out of this?”

A slow smile crossed his face. “Every pleasure you’ve ever imagined.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, now watch closely because I will be asking questions later. And I expect correct answers.” His eyes turned back to the gathering couples around the pool. It wasn’t long before sighs, moans, gasps, and groans filled the air, as the Doms played with their new toys. Through it all Analise watched, content to do her Master’s bidding.

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