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Under the Covers Blog Hop

So what's my kink when it comes to the bedroom?  Well, that's an easy one. It's been forever and day, shabari bondage.  It's more than just tying up a person. Not only can it make a person feel helpless against what ever their lover wants to do to them, it's also a visual master piece, and the idea of feeling ropes surround my entire body...add to that is just...well lets say more than a little arousing. So much in fact, the first full length book I wrote revolved around a young woman who was intrigued by the same type of bondage and the man who fulfilled her fantasies, giving her exactly what she wanted.  

Here's a brief excerpt from Exploring Her Submission: Nisey where our heroine watches her Master suspend another woman for the first time. Enjoy!  Don't forget to stop by the other contributors and leave me a comment to be enter for a chance to win not only  Exploring Her Submission but also the first book Nisey's Awakening.  

Watching as Caelan joined Master Yangchi, she shifted. She knew the moment she witnessed him wrap ropes around Anya, her libido was going to go crazy. Mistress Olivia, the woman who’d dragged her away from her first demonstration had said it correctly. “For some it’s watching a sub get flogged but for you my dear it’s bondage.”
“I’m Airi.” The girl settled down next to her and jerked her out of her thoughts.
 “Nisey.” She bit down on her tongue as she watched Caelan begin the traditional box tie, weaving the hemp rope over, around and under Anya’s breasts. To her own mind she could feel the brush of the hemp against her skin. Her nipples peaked.
“You too must be a lover of bondage?” Airi babbled next to her.
She barely nodded as she watched her Máister finish off the box tie at the base of the woman’s back. Anya turned to present her back to the audience and a low moan forced its way past her throat. Dear lord, his work is impressive. The white hemp crisscrossing Anya’s back was a beautiful contrast to her skin. While it didn’t look painful, Nisey knew from experience how snuggly the roped hugged. So tight. So sensual. Do I look like that when he binds me?
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“So how long have you been with your Master?” Airi was still babbling and beginning to annoy Nisey. She almost wished she hadn’t agreed to let the talkative slave sit with her.
“About a year and half.” Nisey dug her nails into her palms when Caelan moved onto the Gunslinger’s harness. The name had humored her the first time Caelan had explained in class but was very apt. When finished, it looked much like a gunslinger’s belt around the slave’s waist and upper thigh. Seeing him brush fingers across Anya’s tender inner thigh had her womb clenching.
Before they had known of Nisey’s fear of the suspension, he’d placed that particular tie on her while preparing her for her first suspension. She’d been dripping with desire until her toes had left the floor. Fear had her fighting him for the very first time in their relationship. I don’t understand it. I’ve always found solace in the ropes, never fear. I trust him, so why am I scared? She asked herself that question a million times and still had no answer. Sometimes she worried if she didn’t overcome her fear, if Caelan would move on. Shibari was as much a part of her handsome Master as breathing was.
As Master Yangchi and Caelan worked together on Anya, she was suspended in no time. Closing her eyes, Nisey tried to imagine what it would feel like to have the feeling of weightlessness along with the snugness of the bonds around her body. Her tongue darted out as she replaced Anya with herself. With her leg extended above her head, while the ropes supported the rest of her body at a right angle, it left her wet bare pussy open to her Máister’s fingers, mouth and cock. He’d be able to sink anything he wants inside of me. A gush of juices now coated her inner thighs and she could feel the brush of the air against her naked folds. Does everyone know how aroused I am?

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