Thursday, August 30, 2012

Backlist Bloghop!

So we're supposed to feature a book which is near and dear in our hearts.  Well I guess I can safely say that with Friday being the release of my newest book, Choosing Rena,  I can't help but be drawn back to the book which started it all: Nisey's Awakening. If you'd have asked me three years ago if I'd ever write a BDSM book, I'd have chuckled and probably asked you if you thought I looked like a whip and chains type of girl. 

I started it on a dare from a fellow friend and author. She told me to live dangerously - to step outside my comfort zone. So  I did and boy did I learn a lot. I never expected Nisey's Awakening to be the start of my Doms of Chicago series.  Hell I didn't even expect to write more than one BDSM book, let alone a series. And just like my main character Nisey, I found myself learning more about myself as well as those in community - and even now three years later, I still don't feel as if I've even scratched the surface.  And with the the sixth book coming out this week - I have to say I have it all thanks to adventurous little redhead named Nisey. She wrapped herself around my heart and was the start of all of this crazy little 'perverted' series called the Doms of Chicago. 

And to sweeten the pot a bit I'll be giving away one set of entire series including Choosing Rena to one lucky commenter.  Just tell me what is the craziest thing you tried on a dare. (And it can be clean or dirty as long as it was fun!)

When a would be Dom takes advantage of Nisey's inexperience she is left bewildered and at odds with her own sexuality. Now scared of what she longs for she tries to hide from it until her best friend, Kalinda has had enough of waking to Nisey's screams and takes matters into her own hands and contacts her older brother, Caelan. She's had enough and wants her best friend back and thinks Caelan is the perfect man to guide Nisey back to what she longs for without traumatizing her friend any further.
Caelan is an experienced Dom, who has trained many first time subs in during his time in the lifestyle, but his last experience with a newbie changed everything. When it blew up in his face, he decided to keep to the more experienced subs, so when his sister calls out of the blue with a request that he help her friend, he is intrigued but very leery. After all what could happen from answering a few questions?


  1. Oh now I have more books for my wish list! LOL It's great to "meet" new-to-me authors!!!

  2. I don't think I've ever let myself be dared into something. The biggest risky thing I've done is start reading erotica and create a alternative personality to blog about my love for these books.

  3. The craziest thing I did on a dare was to leave a flower on a guys car and ask him out on a date.

  4. Haven't done any dares


  5. Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaways! This is so much fun! Thank you!

  6. I just bought Nisey's Awakening! I like what I see! I was dared to run naked outside my I did!! It was winter!LOL Very cold!

  7. GREATTTTTTTTTT giveaway!