Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tales: Just Watch Me, Part 4

I have to say a quick thank you for those who take the time out of their busy schedule to stop by and be amused by my scribbling.  Please make sure you stop back here to read the rest of contributors.  This week's prompt is a city name, and the one I choose was "Rio de Janiero".  With that being said, we'll continue where our tale left off... and finally meet the spunky imp who has managed to escape Zeke...

Just Watch Me: Part Three

Stretching in the sun, Thea Lewis savored the warmth on her skin as she powered down her e-reader. It was her third day in Rio de Janeiro and she was surprised she hadn’t seen hide nor hair of Zeke St. John. Maybe this time she’d covered her tracks better or Sheriff Thomas had decided not to give Zeke the time off to chase after her. So far she’d gone out every night but had yet to find a man who sparked her attraction.  Even after dancing with several men at one of the local hotspots, her body refused to respond to them the same way it did to her pain the butt neighbor. Evidently it only wanted Zeke and it was driving her nuts.  She’d taken this vacation to spread her wings – to have a hot fling, instead she found herself doing the same things she’d done at home: visiting the world famous National Library. 
Perhaps with Carnival Parade starting at the end of the week, I’ll have better luck.  Particularly after just reading that sexy scene where the heroine of my book used a sexy samba in the middle of a street parade to entice her lover into claiming her.  Her thighs clenched as an unbidden vision of Zeke popped into her head. She could just see him standing on the sideline of the parade, his thick arms crossed over his wide chest devouring her with his gaze. Unlike all other times, it wouldn’t be full of disproval or frustration, no this time he would be undressing her with it as she moved seductively to the saucy samba beat of the Carnival. 
Stifling a moan at her own dangerous desires, she slipped her e-reader inside her tote before stashing it under her chair. She couldn’t afford to have such thoughts about Zeke. She was through lusting after a man who wanted nothing more than to protect her. Toeing off her flip flops and un-wrapping her sarong, she walked to the edge of the turquoise colored pool. After looking around for other swimmers she gave a shallow dive which took her into the deep cool water.
Loving the cool brush of the water against her skin but needing oxygen, she pushed off the bottom to burst through the surface. Throwing her head back, she slicked back her waist length hair. She probably should’ve pulled it up before diving in the water. Lying on her back, she floated and savored the contrast of the water against her back and the sun beating down on her front. She was quite content to float aimlessly until there was a loud yell and then splash. Sinking under the surface, she jerked and struggled back up ready to blast whoever had just given her a dousing. 
Once she located the culprit her heart wasn’t in it. A young boy about the age of seven or eight horsed around with his dad about ten feet away from her. 
“Sorry about that, this little scamp here couldn’t wait.” The deep voice of the father had her tingling. Damn she needed to find a lover fast. Everything about Rio just cried sensuality even a father playing in the water with his son. She could see Zeke doing the same with their son before slipping away to neck with her in the shallow end of the pool as their son dove down to the bottom of the pool to pick up a quarter Zeke had tossed down there for him. 
Jerking out of her thoughts, she pushed her hair back and she gave him a small smile. “No problem.” Turning she moved to a quieter part of the pool. Leaning against the wall, she watched as the two played for several more minutes before deciding it was time to go. She was just about to climb up the ladder when she felt a warm had touch her arm. She stilled before turning to see the man from earlier. She glanced around to see where the boy went. She saw him climbing out of the pool, yelling for his uncle to ‘watch this’. 
“Your nephew?”
“Yep. He’s visiting with my sister and her husband. I came down here for a visit and decided to stay.” 
“Really? Who’d want to leave paradise?” Her eyes crinkled when he laughed. 
“Not me. I opened a free clinic for the underprivileged. I was a registered nurse back home and saw an opportunity, so I took it.” 
“Sounds interesting.” Even as she said the words, she regretted them, but how could she tell a total stranger the mere thought of hospitals, clinics or doctors made her queasy. After her father’s death, she’d seen the inside of too many of them. 
He laughed. “I know that glazed look. I know my work isn’t the most interesting. Say…can I make it up to you? How about dinner tonight on me and I promise there will be no shop talk. Please?” His dark brown eyes were merry with laughter. 
She crossed her arms over her breasts. “I don’t even know who you are.” 
“Adam Sheriton at your service.” He gave a mock bow, or the best he could in water up to his chest. 
“Nice to meet you, Adam. My name is Thea.” Taking a deep breath, she decided to go out on a limb. A thrill raced through her. “If you’re serious about dinner, meet me in the hotel lobby at eight.” 
“You can count on it. How will I know it’s you?” 
“I’ll be the brunette in the red dress.” Smiling impishly, she hoisted herself out of the water. “Later.” Forcing herself to walk slow, she tried to act cool despite the fact she could feel him watching her as she strode across the tiled floor to where she’d left her things. She couldn’t believe staid, bookworm-ish, Theodora Lewis, had just teased a virile piece of man before sauntering away as if she’d done nothing more than asked him for the time.


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