Sunday, June 3, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: June 3rd

Happy Sunday, peeps.  Once again I have six sizzling sentences to bring to you as part of my participation in SSS.  I surely do appreciate that everyone has taken the time to stop by my blog and ask that you return the favor by hitting up the rest of the SSS-er's. They can be found HERE. I can guarantee there's gotta be something that appeals to everyone's taste. :D  With that being said, lets the sixing commence.  Below I've taken six sentences from my current WIP or should I say in editing  stage,  Healer's Touch, Part Two, which will be coming out in July from Excessica Publishing.  This scene is from Chapter One when Charlie, our hero realizes his betrothed is hiding in his room and peeking on him as he changes his clothes.  So he sets out to get even by putting on a show for her, and seducing her with his voice alone.  Enjoy! 

“That’s it, Hellcat, you want to come for me don’t you? To pretend that your fingers are mine or perhaps you’re imagining that they’re my tongue? Licking and teasing your hard little clit…”
"Charlie…" The soft need-filled exclamation had him on his feet, his cock throbbing angrily between his thighs as he realized how close she was.
“That’s it, come for me - show me how beautiful you are.”  


  1. Whew! You need an ice water bar in this joint! Great Six :-)

  2. HOT - he's some talker all right! Great six!

  3. Whoa! Hot stuff, Dakota, and stuff I'd like to hear from a lover. Great six. :)