Sunday, June 17, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: June 17th

Happy Sunday, peeps.  Once again I have six sizzling sentences to bring to you as part of my participation in SSS.  I surely do appreciate that everyone has taken the time to stop by my blog and ask that you return the favor by hitting up the rest of the SSS-er's. They can be found HERE. I can guarantee there's gotta be something that appeals to everyone's taste. :D  With that being said, lets the sixing commence.  Below I've taken six sentences from my current WIP or should I say in editing  stage,  Healer's Touch, Part Two, which will be coming out in October from Excessica Publishing.  This scene is from Chapter Six.  Kat and Charlie are having a bit of tiff over what her "responsibilities" as Charlie's wife are. As usual sparks fly. Enjoy! 

"You’re too soft, too human to understand, but not to worry, you fulfill my other needs – the ones which aren’t political.” 

She wanted to knock him on his ass just to prove how human she was. The anger she’d kept buried under the surface boiled over like the hot lava of Mount Etna.  “So I’m good enough to give you sexual submission, but not enough to take an active part in the rest of your life?” Her fists went to her hips. “Then tell me why the hell you’ve made me sit through those boring ass meetings since we’ve gotten here, if I’m to be nothing more than your damned bed-warmer?”  


  1. I like her spirit! Really felt her exasperation and emotion in this snippet - great six!

  2. Sounds like he wants her as an accessory (arm candy) rather than as a partner.

  3. Oh, man, that would light my fire, too. And if his response is arrogant, he'd be in real trouble. Great six, Dakota. :)

  4. Sounds like he's asking for a smack! Great six. :)