Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuesday Tales: Picture Prompt, The Archway

Hey peeps, before I kick off my newest Tuesday Tale next week, I'm joining the rest of the gang in doing a wonderful thing we call picture prompt.  This time around we have this mysterious archway to use for inspiration.  The goal is to write a 300 word short to match up with the picture.I hope you enjoy mine :D

The Archway
With a pounding heart, Alyssa approached the arch as if her feet were possessed.  She could see the glowing eyes in the shadows, but instead of running she was drawn closer.

“Closer, my love.”  The whisper sent shivers down her spine. In the bright light of day, she shouldn’t be so scared but she was. Something wasn’t right here.

“I….” She tried to stop, but her body continued on its forward path against her will.  Within moments, she was mere inches from the arch. Close enough to be pulled into its inky depths. She trembled as her body crossed into the shadows. A pair of arms wrapped around her, pulling her close to a very masculine body. 

“Shhh, this was meant to be.”  Squinting up into the darkness, she saw nothing more than the red burn of a man’s eyes and a flash of white fangs. 

Dear Lord, he’s going to bite me.  Struggling, she tried to free herself. No, don’t do this, please….” 

“I have to…” Keeping her close with one arm, he gently tipped her head exposing the slender column of her throat. 

A low moan escaped her as his head dipped. The scrape of fangs sent a potent combination of fear and desire through her. Wait how can I be…  She stiffened as unexpected pleasure bombarded her when his teeth broke through the fragile skin. Clinging to his shoulders, she whimpered as he began to drink. Each swallow sent her higher until she teetered on the brink.  Just as she was ready to fall, he pulled his mouth away with crimson staining his lips.

“Come for me, ma cheri.” 

With his order, she fell into intense pleasure unlike any she’d ever known – no longer caring what was right or wrong – only that she obey. She was his.

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  1. OOhhh, love this piece. Eerie, scary and sexy all at the same time. Is this going to grow into a bigger story? I hope so. Would like to know this sexy make beast better.

  2. Who is this sexy man with the red eyes? Wonderful tale.