Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Snippets #10

Hey peeps, once again it's time for Sunday Snippets, a wonderful blog hop brought to you by Red Lipstick Diaries...that's right we've moved to our new home already, even though the rest of the fun won't start until June 1st. 

Now that I've spilled the good news, lets get back to our regularly scheduled snippets and be sure to stop back by HERE for some other tasty snippets.  This week of course I'm continuing with my upcoming release with Excessica, Healer's Touch, Part One. Enjoy this little snippet as when Kat and Charlie get ready to stop for the night - and the trouble she finds.  (Oh and btw...a zephti is a horse like animal that is native to the Areseric desert and it has six legs instead the normal four)

Silence reigned for the next two hours. By the time Charlie decided to stop, Kat was ready to tear his clothes off and hers as well. She needed him. Instead, she slid down from the zephti before it even came to a full stop, but wobbled a bit before heading away from him. Spotting a boulder short distance away she made it her goal. She had to get away from him before she did something she regretted.
“Katrina!” The frustration in his voice did little to deter her as she kept on course. She was almost with touching distance of the boulder when he swept her off her feet. Without thought, she struck out at him. Memories long buried rose to the surface and she fought as if her life depended on it.
“Son of bitch!” Charlie’s cursing meant little to her as she fought for her freedom. When her sharp little nails dug at the pressure point on his neck, he held her away from him. Dangling like a ragdoll in front of him, she hissed and kicked at him. “Katrina, stop it!”
Wrapped in her terrible memories, she was unaware of the damage she was trying to inflict until he hauled her close enough and covered her mouth with his. He thrust his tongue aggressively inside as she first stilled and then nipped softly at his tongue. After tearing his mouth way from hers, he swore loudly.
Kat regained her senses when he dropped her like a sack of potatoes on the ground next to their packs, then dumped half the canteen over her head. With him squatting next to her, she sputtered and was still ready to attack when she noticed the trickle of blood at the corner of his mouth.
“Charlie?” She reached out to touch him. She flinched when he pulled away from her.
“Don’t touch me. I don’t know what that was all about, you little bitch, but the next time you decide to sit on a kor, I’ll leave you to your fate. I know you’re stubborn but I never realized you were suicidal enough to try to sit on a poison-spewing predator.”
Sitting on the hard ash of the ground, Kat huddled and tried to control her tremors. What the hell happened, and how was she supposed to know that what looked like a harmless rock wasn’t really a rock?


  1. Sounds fascinating, Dakota. I'd like to read more!

  2. This sounds interesting...great snip :D
    Thanks for joining in this week ☺

  3. Howdy, Dakota! How are you?

    Love the snippet today, Well done, girl, Keta