Sunday, May 6, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday: May 6th

Once again it's time for Six Sentence Sunday madness. As always I'm honored that you took time out of your Sunday to stop by my blog to indulge in what hopefully are six yummy sentences designed to tempt you.   This week I have another six sentences from my m/m short Kaholo's Seduction.  So please enjoy and be sure to stop back by HERE for the rest of the participants.  Enjoy! 

The glittering desire in Kaholo’s gaze had Toby swallowing nervously even as his dick tightened painfully against his zipper.  He grabbed the hem of his own shirt, yanking the garment over his head only to still at the warm caress of a tongue on his nipple.  A low sound built in his chest as the pressure grew when Kaholo drew the small nub into his mouth, nipping and lashing at the captured flesh. A spurt of pre-cum dampened his jeans. “Aw, fuck.”
"Soon, ipo," Kaholo promised.


Raised in an Amish community, Tobias “Toby” Lehman is totally unprepared for his reaction to the sexy native, Kaholo, when he arrives in the tropical paradise of Honolulu.  He’d long ago left his upbringing only to suppress the very needs which had caused him to leave.  But now he’s miles from everything he knows,  those needs will no longer stay hidden in the face of Kaholo’s determined seduction.  In the end who will win, who will give in or will Toby find something priceless – his home in the arms of another man?



  1. Looking forward to reading this story. When will it be available?

  2. Enjoying the story, the characters are so real to me. Terrific snippet!

  3. I want to thank everyone for stopping by. But as far as when this book will be available - I'm honestly not sure. I've subbed it to a publisher for a summer m/m - f/f anthology and am still waiting to hear back. If it is accepted I've heard the anthology is supposed to come out in July or August.


  4. Very sexy six! Much luck with the antho sub!