Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Snippets #7

Once again  it's time for Sunday Snippets. (if you're looking for Six Sentence Sunday, it's the next post down.)  Again this week, I'm going to share a bit from my m/m short, Kaholo's Seduction. Below is the snippet and the unedited blurb I've written for it.  Enjoy and don't forget to stop back to Red Lipstick Journals to enjoy the rest of the Sunday Snippets. 





Raised in an Amish community, Tobias “Toby” Lehman is totally unprepared for his reaction to the sexy native, Kaholo, when he arrives in the tropical paradise of Honolulu.  He’d long ago left his upbringing only to suppress the very needs which had caused him to leave.  But now he’s miles from everything he knows,  those needs will no longer stay hidden in the face of Kaholo’s determined seduction.  In the end who will win, who will give in or will Toby find something priceless – his home in the arms of another man?


“Relax, ipo, I’m not asking you to marry me…yet.  I simply need more than our ‘friends with benefits’ status.” He tugged on Toby’s knees, turning him towards him, before he slid between  his parted thighs. “I understand you not wanting to flaunt us at work – the company you work for has some very conservative clients.”  He cupped his palm over Toby’s heart. “But to ask me to be your first without a commitment between us would be a disaster for me.”
Toby placed his hand over Kaholo’s,  relaxing as understanding washed over him. “You’re not ending our relationship because I haven’t let you fuck me yet? You want…more.”
A slow grin crossed his lover’s face. “That’s right. It’s just not about wanting more, Tobias Lehman – it’s about needing it. So what I said earlier… well that was  more a warning than an ultimatum.”  His hands slipped between Toby’s ass and the chair – cupping him, supporting his weight. “If you let me inside this luscious ass, I’m going to want to keep it. You need to be sure you’re ready for that.” He freed his hands, before slowly standing.  Gathering the empty plates, he continued with a hoarse voice. “Think about my offer, ipo. Whether I take you or not is entirely in your hands. While I won’t end our relationship if you refuse, I won’t take you until you’re ready to offer the same commitment to me.”   Stacking the dishes on the serving cart, Kaholo worked efficiently clearing the table. 
All Toby could do is sit and admire the graceful movements displayed in each pivot and twist. He was supposed to be deciding but his attention was solely on his man. His breath caught when a particularly deep bend tightened the fabric of Kaholo’s pants, molding them to his tight ass.  Without thinking he reached out to touch, his fingers grazing the taunt flesh before his hand cupped one globe.  He gave a gentle squeeze.
Kaholo groaned. “You aren’t making this easy, Toby. You’re supposed to be deciding – not groping me.”
Flushing, Toby dropped his hand. “Yeah – tell that to my dick.”

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