Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Snippet #6 (adult content)

Well it's better late than never right?  Here's a snippet from a short I'm currently working on in hopes of submitting to No Boundaries Press's  upcoming Summer Heat anthology.  Its the tale of Toby, a middle aged man who relocates to Honolulu for work and finds much more in the arms of the powerful Koholo. (warning adult in nature, m/m scene)  Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to check out the rest of the contributers to Sunday Snippets :)  


“Ah, fuck. Suck it.”  Toby fought the urge to bury his hands in Kaholo’s dark silken hair.  The  golden brown man hummed his approval, the vibrations against his overly sensitive cock nearly sending Toby around the bend.  If someone had told him six months ago when he accepted  a job transfer to Honolulu, he’d be experiencing a blow job from his male lover on a private beach, he’d have told them they were smoking something.  His plan  of  working his way up the corporate ladder hadn’t included the luscious male kneeling at his feet.  And at forty he should’ve had more control than this. “Oh God, Kaholo, please.”  He dug his nails deep into his palms to keep from grabbing the younger man’s head to end his torment.
Pulling back from Toby’s aching flesh, his mischievous lover smiled up at him. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”  His tongue, pink and moist rubbed over the head of Toby’s dick, sending jolts of pleasure up his spine.  “Hmmm, salty. You always taste of the sea.”
“Shit….”  A hiss escaped Toby as another spurt of pre-come leaked from him. It seemed his body was more than willing to give Kaholo anything he wanted.  He trembled when one of Kaholo’s hands slipped under his full sack to tease at the tender flesh behind his balls.  His breath grew more erratic, even as he looked around the deserted beach.  Private or not, he was taking a big risk, but with his dick one step away from paradise he could care less about his surroundings.  He grabbed at Kaholo’s shoulders when the tip of an inquisitive finger brushed over his rosette.  A low groan ripped free of him as it pressed against the tightly furled entrance.

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