Monday, April 9, 2012

A March Christmas Announcement

About six weeks ago, I put up a poll on my blog to see what kind of Christmas stories the readers would like to see me write.  And I'm happy to say that a few of you did answer my call and stopped by and voted.  And what you've decided is that you want to see a tale about:

BDSM - A girl learning to submit to her lover for the holidays

So here's the deal.  Starting the first week of November, I'll be posting the storyline you've chosen on my blog in about 1000 words sections each Wednesday as my Christmas gift to you.  Yep that's right for 9 weeks (the last post will be on Dec 26th) I'll be offering my Christmas tale to you the readers for free.  After Dec 26th it will go up in it's entirety as Free Read on my publisher's site on 

Thanks again to everyone who voted!  


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