Friday, March 30, 2012

TGIF Flash #4

Yesterday I tempted everyone with the idea of an old piece of writing.  Well how old is it?  About 8 years give or take. That's right it's nearly a decade old and when I ran across this picture this week, I actually had to go dig for it in my notebooks - not on my computer but in an actual spiral notebook. With that being said, I took a passage out an old work that later evolved into my Wizards of Venus series, brushed it up and submit it to you the public as a free short.

TGIF Flash: Fire and Ice
Dominique snuck into the cave. Her mother warned her time and time again about wandering away from home.  She knew the woman would have fit she caught her – especially when she found it was this cave. Many claimed that the depths of hell burned in its depths, a certain death for those who held the power of Ice.   
Using her hand as a guide along the wall she tiptoed further in.  She could feel the remnants of power under her fingertips.  It was different than her own but it was still caused her fingers to tingle with its heat. That’s when she found him.  Tied with iron manacles hanging from the cave wall, his tall muscular body was mostly bare, his dark hair in a jumbled mess as his chin rested on his chest.  His tattered shorts preserved his modesty but that was it. 
Creeping forward, she was drawn like a moth to the flame.  There was something about this dark haired man - something which called to her at a deeper level than even her own betrothed and she’d thought the connection between them had been strong, but this was stronger. Who was this man who’d haunted her dreams? Sent her seeking in a place where she was forbidden to go?
Stopping within inches of him, she reached out to touch.  Expecting to find the coolness of the Ice clan, she cried out, her fingers never actually touching his flesh but still being able to feel the heat rolling off his body.
At her cry, his head lifted and eyes opened, pinning her in place. “You came. I dreamt you would.”  His amber eyes were glazed. “Touch me. Cool me with your icy depths. Free me.”
His request was unexpected. How had he known? “I…”
“Touch me. I’m begging you.”  The hoarse tone struck a chord within her. It called to her healing nature.  She couldn’t let him suffer, even if singed fingers were the result.  Just before her fingers met his, a loud booming voice echoed through the cavern.
“Do not, Dominique of the Ice!”
She froze. The chained man groaned in resignation as the Wizard of Inez, easily identified by his dark purple robes, moved into the main chamber.  His eyes pleaded with her. “Please. Before it’s too late.” 
She stared at him confused. She was to save him from the executioner of their worlds? But how?  A mere touch couldn’t free him of his chains. Or could it?
“I…I don’t have the key,” she whispered as the wizard drew out his amulet. As the execution incantation flowed past his bloodless lips, the prisioner lunged towards her, his chains rattling. 
“Your touch is the key!”  He sagged back against the stone wall.  “Please touch me before I die.”  He slumped in his chains but still managed to be the virile man she’d first seen in her dreams.
She took a step closer, placing herself between the man and the wizard. She wasn’t sure how it would work. Her hands shook, then stung as she placed them against his chest. A whimper escaped her as her palms absorbed his heat. The ice inside her, such a vital part of her began to melt. Jerking as if to free herself she groaned as his hands covered hers – his arms no longer captive.
“My bride.”  His amber eyes burned with desire as a portal opened under their feet. Crying out as she tumbled into the opening of another world, cradled against his chest the last thing she saw was the angry face of the Wizard, promising retribution. 

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