Sunday, January 22, 2012

SIx Sentence Sunday: Jan 22nd

Happy Sunday, peeps!  I've officially survived the blizzard that just hit the midwest, dumping 9 inches of fresh snow on us. As a result of that, I've managed to get a jump start on my next book for Excessica and thought I'd share six sentences out of the first chapter of it.  This is a continuation of my Doms of Chicago - and is the long awaited story of Rena and Jackson.  So without further ado,  here is it. (Oh before I forget, I need to thank you all for stopping by and remind you to stop back here for more SSS fun :D)  

Curled up in the picture window of the apartment she shared with her sister, Rena stared out over Lake Michigan. In the glass she could see her own reflection, and she’d seen better days.  Her long braids were in messy array, she had huge bags under her dark eyes, and even her normally mocha hued skin seemed lackluster. She hadn’t been the same since she’d come back from Alabama. While done there she’d come to a decision. She couldn’t stay.

Okay somehow I have a feeling Jackson is going to have something to say about that :)  Stop by next week for six more sentences from the next chapter. 



  1. Very descriptive, good combination of physical attributes and emotion. The cover is quite striking. I like it a lot.

  2. Nice description. Just one thing with the last line. Should it be "While down there" rather than "While done there"?