Thursday, October 13, 2011

#BlogHop4Writers Question for OCT 13TH - Characterisation!

Thursday, Oct 13th: QUESTION: Character physical descriptions, do you like a lot or a little? How do you make sure your readers see your character they way you want them to? Question provided by authorAmy Romine

When it comes to my characterization, I'll have to admit I'm a huge culprit of not putting much detail into my characters.  It took me several years before I finally found the balance I like.  I don't want to have to define every inch of my characters. (Besides, who's to say what I think is every woman's version of sexy?)  I try to define a few distinguished features like eyes, hair, broadness of shoulders (on a man) and basic body type for a  woman, (buxom, willowy or slender) but then I leave the rest up to readers imagination.  I do occasionally add a scar or tat that I might describe but other than that, it's all up to the reader.  The reader has a brain and I want them to fill in what they think is the sexy - lots of body hair...or clean's up to them.  :D 


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  1. I always forget the tats! Though I think they're fascinating and often erotic. I've just never written a character with one. I might have to change that.

  2. That's so, so true! You can't make something imagine a character just the way you want them to -- not completely. It is so much better to leave some of it to the readers imagination. And getting the right balance is the thing!

    Great post! Here's mine!


  3. *someone --- even LOL