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Summer Sizzlers: Sultry Danger (pt1)

Thanks for stopping by today for my part of Red Lipstick Journals Summer Sizzlers blog hop.  As my contribution to this amazing hop, I've penned a nice sizzling little forced seduction reader beware this story contains a naughty sub and a Dom whose determined to give her the ultimate fantasy.

Content Advisory: the below may contain graphic material of a sexual nature, adult situations, sexual reference, explicit sexual description, and depiction of alternative lifestyles. 

Letting herself in, Sherilyn sighed as the cool air from the cabin caressed her hot face. Still in her business suit, she felt grimy and hot beyond belief thanks to her five-hour drive from St. Paul to her family’s cabin north of Big Falls. I knew I should’ve listened and taken the car in for a recharge, but I wasn’t expecting the temps to soar into the high nineties – at least not until August. Northern Minnesota shouldn’t be this hot in July. Shutting the door behind her, she waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. The sun had set nearly an hour ago and without the lights, the interior was as dark as sin. Sighing, she kicked off her pumps and flipped the switch next to the door, getting nothing.
Frowning, she moved further into the room to where she remembered a lamp sitting. “Hun? Did you blow a fuse again?” Even as she asked, she wondered why the air was working but the lights weren’t.
When she didn’t receive an answer, her heart began to pound. Why the hell isn’t he answering? With her hands her only guide, she made her way around the couch and headed to where she thought the stairs were. Perhaps he’s upstairs messing with the fuse box and didn’t hear me. Using the rail to make her way up the steps, she felt for the hall light switch. Her fingers found it.
 Click-Click. Nothing.
“Shit! Jeff, are you up here?” Anger was starting to replace her apprehension. Her husband had to be the most playful Dom she’d ever met. At times, he reminded her of a big kid, just waiting to jump out of the bushes to scare his girlfriend. She wouldn’t put it past him to do that now, but after a long, hot and frustrating drive, she was in no mood to play. All she wanted was a hot, shower and a soft bed.
Finding the bedroom door, she pushed it open. She winced as the flickering of the candle on the dresser hurt her eyes. Seeing the turned down bed with restraints hanging from the wrought iron headboard her breath caught. It reminded her of a recent conversation with Jeff. She admitted she had often fantasized about being tied up and forced into having sex.
“Sweetheart?” Stepping over the threshold, she searched for her absent husband and Master. A frown furrowed her brow when she didn’t see anyone. Walking over to the vanity, she noticed Jeff’s watch and keys. “Where are you? So help me God, Sir, if you jump out from behind the door and scare me, I’ll kill you!”
“How adolescent – I would never dream of stooping to mere fright. Not when there are many more interesting things to torment you with.” A low menacing voice came from behind her. Her eyes widened when in the mirror she caught a glimpse of dark hair, piercing blue eyes and dark clothing. Her panicked mind processed one thing. This was definitely not her blond-haired and green-eyed husband! She opened her mouth to scream.
     A warm calloused palm covered her mouth. “There will be none of that.” His smoky rasp against her ear sent a shiver of awareness down her spine. A whimper built in her throat as Jeff’s familiar cologne teased her nose. Despite what her eyes had told her, the rest of her body recognized her Master. Not surprisingly, her panties dampened. She had to force herself to remain stiff in his hold.
Son of a bitch! I can’t give in yet. I wanted this…I’ve gotta make it last. She thought she had her body under control until his breath teased her ear. The whispered ‘Pet’ made her go limp as she relaxed against him. Damnit it I have no control over myself when he does that.
“That’s better.” His tongue rasped over the outer shell of her ear. “Although don’t think your easy capitulation will satisfy me.” His teeth nipped her lobe, even as he turned her to face the bed. “I will have your complete surrender – nothing less.” Giving her a not so gentle shove, he pushed her toward the bed and the leather restraints dangling from the headboard.
“’t do this, please, I’m not sure I’m ready!” Even as the plea left her mouth, she knew she didn’t mean it. Not only were her panties wet, but her nipples hardened against the scratchy lace of her bra. She wanted nothing more than to fall to her knees and serve him as usual. But I asked for this. I have to see it out. Her breath caught when she felt his hand on the bottom edge of her slim skirt. A hard jerk and it rose above her thighs.
 Struggling, she slapped half-heartedly at his roving hands when one left her waist to cup her breast. A low rumble behind her warned her before she found her wrists captured by one hand as his other plunged under the scalloped neckline of her blouse to claim his prize. The sharp squeeze to her nipple made her arch back against him.
“That’s enough!” His teeth raked over her throat. “Keep it up and I’m going to redden your sweet little ass before I fuck it.”
A breathy mewl escaped her lips at the thought. There was nothing that turned her on more than being bent over her husband’s knee. The sound must have pushed the man because she found herself spun around in his arms. Her eyes widened as firm lips covered her own and a hand buried itself in her French twist. Instead of deterring her, the stinging pain of her hair being pulled sent her passion higher. His mouth swallowed the resulting moan as his tongue rubbed over hers.
Oh God, this is what I want! To be taken against my will - to be used for his pleasure.
He tore his mouth from hers. His hands pressed down on her shoulders. Giving into the pressure, she sank to her knees in front of him, her exhaustion no longer an issue. Instead, her mouth watered at the sight of the impressive ridge tenting the front of his dark jeans. She whimpered when his hand pressed her face against it. Nuzzling like a kitten, she wanted to unzip his pants but she refused to beg him. This is about him forcing me to submit.
“You’re gonna be a good little girl and suck my cock, aren’t you?” When she didn’t answer, his voice hardened and he tightened his hand in her hair. “Aren’t you?”
Gasping, she nodded. “I…yes…please don’t…I’ll pleasure you…”
She winced as his hand jerked her head back. He narrowed his eyes. “Are you safe- wording?”
She shook her head and tentatively reached for the button fly of his jeans. With trembling fingers, she unfastened the top one before slowly moving down to the next.
“I don’t have all day.” The sharp tone made her jump. A large hand, roughened from his job as a landscaper, slid between them to brush her hand away. She licked her lips and watched as he freed his cock from the imprisoning denim.
Swollen, the head was a deep vermilion and glistened in the candle light before the ruddy shaft disappeared into the shadows created by the parted edges of his jeans.
“Open.” The hand in her hair held her head steady so he could rub the crown of his cock over her mouth. Dazed with lust and just a hint of fear, she let her tongue dart out to lap at him. A harsh inhale above her head barely registered before his free hand grasped the base of his shaft. “Quit teasing – I said suck it!”
“No…” An illicit thrill flooded her. In her role as Jeff’s submissive, she rarely ever told him ‘no’ outside the bedroom let alone inside of it and she couldn’t help but wonder what he’d do now. 
~to be continued...~
Come back tomorrow for the conclusion of Sultry Danger- will Sherilyn give into her Master or will she be punished...? 

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